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PQRotation (PQR)

Is an all-in-one ability priority application. It uses both simply memory reading as well as a memory detour to execute LUA code directly. It requires absolutely no setup* to start and is completely free of charge!
NO addons to configure.
NO pixel scanning to hinder performance.
Easily customizable and shareable abilities and rotations.

About PQRotation
This program was mainly designed for PvE purposes, however, it can easily be configured and programmed for PvP purposes! It will perform your currently selected rotation as perfect as possible is through your configured key-bindings, leaving the user able to monitor more pressing aspects of encounters such as fight mechanics, VoIP communication, movement and Party/Raid events.
Each rotation is 100% configurable, and each ability can be assigned LUA code, protected or otherwise, which it will execute to determine if a spell should be cast or not.

It also comes coupled with a basic interuption bot that allows you to add or remove spells and abilities you want to or need to interupt! Take note, however, it will not try to interupt non-interuptable abilities!

PQRotation is currently in a state of beta-phase which means that a lot of things are constantly being changed, added or removed.

If you like this program, please consider donating to the owner!

Downloads and Updates
Download: PQR 1.1
Included Offsets: 15005 (Live)
Download PQR11.zip
Updated for Patch 4.3!

If you're upgrading from a previous version of PQRotation please note that older profiles before v1.0 will NOT work with the current version! It's recommended to wait until your favourite profile's creator have updated their profiles. If you feel brave enough to do this yourself, see the changelog for version 1.1
If you're upgrading to a newer version of PQRotation after using a older version during the same World of Warcraft session, you should exit the older version and reload your interface (/reloadui, /rl or /console reloadui), then load the new version to avoid any in-game conflicts!


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