No Action on several targets...

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No Action on several targets... Empty No Action on several targets...

Post  chumii on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:12 pm


I noticed, that with some profiles PQR wont do anything on some special targets e.g. deathwings arm tentacles..

For example the default fire mage rotation wont cast things on the arm tentacle but works like it should work on Mutated it doenst accept it as an enemy..
I think its profile related, but since its not only 1 profile that has this issue, i thoug i will post this here and not in the mage section...

Is there some Code I could add to every rotation that fails at this? Bubbas Frost DK Rotation works well at arm tentacles for example.. but i'm not that deep into lua that i could find sth that could help me with other profiles..

i hope you get what i mean =)


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